AEE is a nonprofit professional society to promote the scientific and educational interests of those engaged in the energy industry and to foster action for sustainable development.
ENPAP is an association whose primary purpose was to collect and disseminate information on energy management for the benefit of the whole industry sector.
The overall objective of the SWITCH-Asia “ASEAN Energy Manager Accreditation Scheme (AEMAS)” project is to reduce energy consumption from the manufacturing industrial sector in ASEAN and to cut greenhouse gas emissions in ASEAN member countries. The Project will establish the ASEAN Energy Management Scheme (AEMAS) through which it will train and certify energy managers who will then implement sustainable energy management systems within their industries/companies It was designed to be complementary to existing environmental and energy management systems such as the ISO 5001 with the added benefits and advantages of achieving real and quantifiable energy savings and CO2 emission reductions.
PHILGBC is an alliance of leaders from every sector of industry and is extensively working at promoting buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable, safe and healthy places to live, play and work.
USGBC is committed to a prosperous and sustainable future through cost-efficient and energy-savings green buildings wherein our community of leaders is working as well to make green buildings available to everyone within a generation.
The Department of Energy (DOE) is mandated to provide adequate, reliable and affordable energy to industries to enable them to provide continuous employment and low cost of goods and services, and to the ordinary citizen to enable them to achieve a decent lifestyle.
Thermal Solutions, Inc. is proud to be registered as ISO 9001:2008. This is considered to be the
International Standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS).It provides your company with a set of principles that ensure a common sense approach to the management of your business activities to
consistently achieve customer satisfaction. assessments across a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors providing clients with a simple, established, common sense approach to the audit process.
The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, is a building technology society with more than 50,000 members worldwide focusing on sustainability within the industry. Through research, standard writings, publishing and continuing education, ASHRAE shapes tomorrow build environment today.
A duly registered non-stock, non-profit organization which members are consultants, manufacturers, suppliers who are involved in the practice of air-conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems.